Balancing Act: Unveiling the Future of Portland Harbor Through Dredging Initiatives

Feb 5, 2024 | News

This podcast episode on Spotify features a discussion with Dan Haley, Chair of the Board of Harbor Commissioners for Portland Harbor; Tom Dobbins, the commission’s former chair; and Bill Needelman, the Waterfront Coordinator for the City of Portland. They converse with host Andrew Zarro about a significant project aimed at dredging along the private and public piers in Portland Harbor. This episode delves into the logistical, environmental, and economic aspects of the dredging project, highlighting its importance for maintaining the harbor’s functionality and supporting the local economy.

For those interested in the complexities of maritime infrastructure and environmental stewardship, this episode provides insightful perspectives on balancing development and conservation efforts in a working harbor. Listening to the full discussion on Spotify will offer a deeper understanding of the challenges and strategies involved in managing Portland Harbor’s dredging project.

Listen to the full podcast here