Abandoned at Sea: The Rising Tide of Derelict Boats in Portland Harbor

Feb 27, 2024 | News

This article from Bangor Daily News, authored by Troy R. Bennett on February 25, 2024, brings to light the growing problem of derelict boats in Portland Harbor, Maine, which has become an expensive and increasing headache for the Harbor Master, Kevin Battle. The piece focuses on the M/V Eagle, a small fiberglass boat abandoned in the mud, symbolizing the broader issue. Battle attributes the rise in abandoned vessels to the pandemic-era boom in first-time boat ownership and the economic pressures forcing individuals to live on dilapidated boats due to southern Maine’s high housing costs. The removal process for these boats, including the Eagle, is costly, with expenses exceeding $3000 for towing, transportation, and scrapping. The article underscores the complexities and financial burdens faced by local authorities in managing these abandoned vessels.

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Derelict boats are a pricey, growing headache for Portland’s Harbor Master