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Board Of Harbor Commissioners For Portland Harbor


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Rainbow on Portland Harbor from the Casco Bay Lines Ferry

Board of Harbor Commissioners for Portland Harbor:

Board of Harbor Commissioners Chair: Michael Carter
Commissioner appointed by the Governor: John Henshaw
Commissioners appointed by Portland: Glenn Cummings & Stephen Von Vogt
Commissioners appointed by South Portland: Michael Carter & Peter Stocks

The Portland Harbor Master is appointed by and reports to the Board of Harbor Commissioners for Portland Harbor. The Harbor Master and Deputy Harbor Masters are tasked with overseeing the moorings along with the safe navigation and operations within the waters of Portland Harbor.

Portland Maine Harbor Master Kevin J. Battle

2 Portland Fish Pier, Suite 105

Portland, ME 04101

Make checks payable to: Board of Harbor Commissioners

For assistance please call the office: 207-772-8121 / EMAIL: phm.admin@portlandharbor.org

Office hours:  Monday – Friday 9 – 3

Moon reflecting off the water of Portland Harbor
Schooner moored in Portland Harbor
Boats in marina in Portland Harbor
Zumwalt class destroyer passing by Bug Light in Portland Harbor

Harbor Chart

Mooring Rates for the 2024 Mooring Season

The Harbor Master’s Office does not rent transient moorings. All mooring permits issued are for the entire boating season.

All moorings in Portland Harbor and its jurisdictions must be set and numbered by the Harbor Master, including tackle that may have been purchased with the sale of a vessel.


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Eelgrass Chart

The eelgrass meadows of Maine form an important coastal marine and estuarine aquatic habitat.

Eelgrass forms the basis of food production in the sea, providing habitat for juvenile fish, a site for primary larval settlement of certain bivalve mollusks and invertebrates, and helps stabilize unconsolidated sediments and shorelines in some areas.


Board Of Harbor Commissioners For Portland Harbor

The Portland Harbor Commission consists of five representatives charged with the responsibility of regulating navigation and commerce within Portland Harbor. The Commission’s authority results from various private and special laws passed by the Maine Legislature. The Commission includes two members appointed by the City of Portland, two members appointed by the City of South Portland, and one member appointed by the Governor representing the State of Maine.